The Treasured Mind

by Cave Bears

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baked tapes 031 is OUT OF PRINT try discogs
CAVE BEARS: THE TREASURED MIND Words fail to fully encompass the enigma that is Cave Bears. I've unsuccessfully sat down to write this description dozens of times, every time feeling that the words I put down seemed to pigeonhole the team rather than drive home the logic-defying gravity they bring to the table, but here goes nothing... A Western Mass outsider core duo of Nick (feeding tube records) and Carrie (who recently transplanted to Maryland) provide an array of self-described "science-fiction story-songs" here, but if you are familiar with Cave Bears at all, you know this offering is bound to be anything but. The duo tell you of could-be worlds, with tales from the other side of the mirror, of blood-fueled space vessels, a thorough explanation of what exactly the blues is (worth the price of admission alone), a very special birthday song and perhaps the greatest re-envisionment of Journey to date. Needless to say, you come out a very changed man from the one you went in as when the tapehead first crossed the leader. Lesson learned, don't drink the water in Western Mass, or maybe DO drink the water. Either way, you may want to have someone call up and check in on you. Amazing two-sided, hand-carved, block-printed, fold-out poster/art by Carrie. Pretty sure these were carved from those styrofoam trays your raw beef comes on from the local market meat section. C27-- BAKED TAPES

Recorded mostly throughout the second half of 2009 and into 2010, but also in New Orleans 2006


released September 11, 2010



all rights reserved


Cave Bears Massachusetts

My story: Many 1000's of years ago, I was an artist like you. I made the most art anyone had ever seen. Then I made the best art of all and I won. Now I live in a castle and cast spells all day. My life is over, but I can never die. My crystals are in chaos. Can you help me capture them?


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