D​.​I​.​Y. Spells 'Die'

by Cave Bears

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no basement is deep enough # 10 is OUT OF PRINT try discogs
CAVE BEARS: D.I.Y. SPELLS "DIE" Cave Bears have been eating human meat since the dawn of music or maybe before. Notably, they were members of infamous Finnish punk rock group, Lars & My Ass. Nowadays they live the quiet life in coastal New England, USA. From time to time they like to take out tapes of their old shows and record over them, chanting "I am the wizard of all of the things" in a vacant monotone while drool pools in their overextended bottom lips. D.I.Y. Spells 'DIE' chronicles one such occasional where, with the aid of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), the "boys" got down and dirty and rendered all forms of creativity (past, present & future), completely and utterly worthless. Join us in the corner!

Western Massachusetts' most proudly immature band screams, cries, pretends to puke, threatens to stab every artist alive, and generally makes a pretty ridiculous racket. Sometimes performed over karaoke tapes and/or top 40 radio, and other times over speedy guitar jamming. Some moments are so ludicrous as to border on the abstract, like the rant about how country stars can be picked out by their childhood hallucinations. Other times, they just play a smooth sax solo & try to mewl like unfed dogs.
-- Weirdo Records

Side A recorded in April 2011
Side B recorded summer 2009


released March 15, 2012



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Cave Bears Massachusetts

My story: Many 1000's of years ago, I was an artist like you. I made the most art anyone had ever seen. Then I made the best art of all and I won. Now I live in a castle and cast spells all day. My life is over, but I can never die. My crystals are in chaos. Can you help me capture them?


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